August Rally-2014____Carol

The weather was grand as Chapter 44 Members came from far and wide to meet at the Great Canadian Barn Dance campground near Hill Spring, Alberta for the August 2014 Rally. Hosts Dianna and Pat Jousset and Carol-Leah and Bill Loran did a grand job of arranging all the details for a great week.

Several of us arrived Sunday evening with the rest arriving Monday. Guests Lyn and Roy Darling joined us on Tuesday evening.

The annual meeting of the Club was held Tuesday morning. For information on what happened at the meeting see the separate report. Many thanks to retiring President, Bill Denny and Treasurer, Ann Hills.

Members were free to take in surrounding sites in free time and various spots were visited by those who ventured out. The campground is lovely with its small lake and grass covered sites. We enjoyed power and water at each site!! While rustic the gathering pavilion served as a great spot for all group activities. To show our appreciation for his years as our fearless leader, Merle presented Bill with a golden handshake (looked a lot like yellow rubber gloves to some) a lovely watch (not gold just aluminum and it does not run which will make time stand still) and the severance 5 package was a bag of “small potatoes” since now Bill is just like all the rest of us!

Good laughs were had over Carol’s new “rounding” talent. Many things will now be “rounded up” including Card Bingo. Mel led us through those games and some double winners had to hire Brinks to see them home!!

Volunteers came forward to fill all the vacant spots on next year’s activities so the club is in good stead and many more fun events will follow.

I know there will be a separate report but this is too good not to gloat a bit. The Ladies WON the ball game – fair and square. WOW!

Donated door prizes were distributed to winning numbers. Thanks for the donations and congratulations to the winners. Tickets generated $100 – no rounding involved.

Thursday evening we journeyed around the lake to the Barn for a wonderful buffet dinner and musical show which was enjoyed by all. A very talented family indeed. The evening rounded out with a campfire.

In true tradition the guys served up a sumptuous breakfast on Friday. Ladies showed up impersonating one of the gentlemen – and did a mighty fine job I might add!

Leftovers were auctioned off and $70 (rounded up) was raised.

Goodbyes were said and Safe travels to all till we meet again.

Summertime with Larry and Sheila

We have had an interesting and busy summer here in southwestern Alberta, weather has been sunny and warm and not much wind which is unusual for this part of the province. We missed going to the June rally as we had other commitments but did take a 12 day road trip to Rosthern, Saskatchewan to attend a Geocaching Mega Event, Rosthern is approximately 40 km north of Saskatoon. 600 geocachers from all over Canada and a few from the U.S spent 4 days touring the area and attending a variety of events.

We did manage to place another 55 of our own geocaches in the Porcupine Hills just north of our home, the area is known for its beauty. I have attached a few photos that I took here as well as a few from Rosthern.

We attended the August rally at The Great Canadian Barn Dance in Hillspring. The highlight of that rally was the dinner and show that the Kunkel Family put on. We have known several members of the family for several years and it was a treat to see them perform.

The rest of the summer was spent finishing several projects around our home and property. At present we are remodeling one of our  building into a woodworking shop as our garage is just not large enough to work in properly.

As I look outside this morning and see the heavy wet snow coming down my thoughts are of Senator’s Wash LTVA near Yuma, AZ, only 5 weeks left before we will be heading south.







June Rally 2014 — Carol D

17 RV’s gathered south of Stettler on June 16th 2014 for the Annual June Rally of Alberta Roamers. Our Hosts – Bryant and Marian McFarlane and Stan and Beth Weiss — did a great job of creating a fun week for everyone. The area was dry on our arrival and we succeeded in bringing them rain for three days of the week.   

Monday was of course a time to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones since we had the pleasure of welcoming three new (to us) couples to our midst.

Frank and Stella are SKPs who spend their winters at Benson, AZ. Glen and Joanne and Gary and Beth are newcomers to the Escapee Family. All were adopted and welcomed to our group. We were also pleased to welcome VCRs Steve and Lila who just happened to be passing through on their way to Alaska.

We enjoyed a lovely roast beef host dinner with homemade Rhubarb Crisp on Monday evening.

Tuesday morning saw sunshine and a number took in the Stettler Farmers Market before our afternoon field trip to the Stettler Museum — very impressive. We feasted again on roast beef leftovers for dinner.

Our sewing ladies created a bunch of new dresses for little girls in Africa. Wednesday the rains started so it was a great time for a virtual travel trip to Madagascar with Curtis and Verle.  

Potluck dinner as per usual was a feast of much variety. Mel led us through Card Bingo to pass the evening.  

Thursday morning the rain was still pouring down and I think many of us wondered about our planned trip to the Kempf Greenhouse south of Botha but off we went. What an amazing place and a wonderful welcoming couple who run this impressive operation which grows many kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers and even watermelon. She even fed us at the end of our tour and the rains stopped and sun came out. We stopped in Botha to view the replica of the Underwood Flying Machine which predates the Wright Brothers!

Hearty Hors D’oeuvres provided dinner. The Great Baseball Game took on an evening flair this rally but alas it did not help the women much. Cards rounded out the day for many.

Friday morning dawned bright and sunny and the guys cooked a great breakfast for the gals who appeared wearing headwear fashioned from the little girls dresses!!

Goodbyes were said and another great Rally ended with everyone heading out.

Escapade 2014

The 54th annual Escapade in Goshen, Indiana just wrapped up. It was 5 days of fun May 12 to 17. And Chapter 44 was there!

Chapter 44 Ontario members Harv & Louise were our representatives on The Row, sharing information about Alberta Roamers with the hundreds of people at this event. Harv is also now the new president of the Big Sky chapter — congratulations!

Louise & Harv on The Row


Louise and Harv were also at the Mesa Rally and Quartzsite this winter and sent this pic from Q.
George & Jeanette (centre) and Liz (R)


P.S. In looking over all the great seminars featured at Escapade, I noticed the name of one of our American members, Vera, show up several times offering craft classes and one on cooking. John & Vera are often regulars at the Mesa rally where many of us have enjoyed her craft sessions.

May Lunch 2014

Whoo-eee! More than 35 members from around the province arrived in High River last Wednesday for the first Chapter lunch of the year.

Alta Vita Ristorante, one of many businesses that were flooded out last June in the huge flood, is back in business in their old digs. It came as quite a shock when one of the staff said that where we were sitting had been under 4 feet of water.

The May lunch is always a noisy get-together as we all try to catch up on who’s been doing what and going where and what their plans are for the summer. We began our visiting out on the street, moved into the restaurant for lunch and then kept on chatting — and still we didn’t get to visit with everyone we’d hoped to.

We were delighted to welcome Nancy and Steve O’Bosky, two of our American members from California. They’re on their way to Alaska for the summer.

Click on any photo for a larger view or to see a slide show.

What’s up next? Why it’s the June rally, of course! Be sure to sign up for a spot. :-)

Mesa Rally 2014 — Carol

Wasn’t that a rally!

It’s all over except for the memories but we had a great time at the 16th annual Mesa Rally. Many thanks to our hosts Larry and Sheila and Brian and Wendy for a job well done. As usual many other volunteers pitched in and helped with small jobs and thank you to them as well.

The week started on Sunday for some – Tuesday officially. We registered 39 people in 19 rigs — a few attendees came for day visits from town. Usery Park was truly lovely – very green and blooming.

The week’s events included a Boules game, several card games, several campfires, lunch at Organ Stop Pizza, crafts, walks, Ranger talk, visiting and catching up with old and new friends, and of course FOOD. Great food.

Rally 2015  is already in the works – March 16 to 20th – the week following the Tucson Escapade.  Hosts will be Carol, Dottie, Don and Ed and Julie.  Put us in your calendar.

Thanks to picture-takers Larry, Don, Becky and Carol. Click on any photo to see a slide show. :-)