June 2018 Rally at Blackie

Submitted by Carol Davis (Pictures below)

58 Alberta Roamers and new friends gathered at the Skating Arena in Blackie, Alberta between June 18 and 22nd, 2018 for a great deal of fun and games and food! We were delighted to have four Australians in our group numbers.

Ed and Julie with some help from Carol organized and hosted the Rally. They prepared the Host Dinner for Monday night as well as another Pulled Pork dinner on Wednesday. A Desert Buffet Pot Luck produced a huge assortment of goodies. The regular Pot Luck on Tuesday was bountiful as usual and Thursday served up some leftovers. We went through gallons of coffee during the week. The guys did a great job on the hitch up Friday breakfast where the ladies showed off their selection of hats!

Ed came up with some new games which were fun. Mel, Tony and Stan were excellent “Liar, Liar” moderators for the one game which showed off a huge selection of unusual tools Ed owns. Each of the moderators told their version of what that tools use was – only one of them told the truth – thus the games name. Some of the “lies” were whoppers! (but very believable)

A safety demo in checking fire extinguishers was well received and many of us learned things. Thanks Ed.

Tours took participants to a several locations in High River.

Seven guests were adopted into our family. A wide assortment of White Elephant items were on the Raffle Table and several people were very lucky in winning more than one! One guest (Margaret) donated a beautiful hand made Quilt which was won by Kay. It raised $185 in ticket sales. Thank you Margaret.

As per usual Volunteers stepped up to do all the work for cleanup, setup, food service etc. Thank you one and all. Special thanks to Kay and Tony for parking everyone so well. 29 RV’s fitted into the lot in a safe and efficient way.

The Rally took in $2,167.00 in Rally fees and Camping fees. Expenses totalled $1,029.00 so we made $1,258.00 on this Rally – the result of high number of attendees and a very reasonable hall rent. Remember that the club donates extra funds at the August Rally each year to Charities of our choice.

Hope I have not forgotten anything! I had a good time and think you did too.

See you down the road.


May 2018 Lunch

Submitted by our Carol.

May 9th saw 44 of us gather for a great luncheon hosted by John and Faye.  This number included nine guests who may even come out again!!  (In other words we did not scare them off).

 It was wonderful to have Sharon Ketcheson join us.   Sharon is now lives in an apartment in Okotoks.   She is trying to sell the Truck and 5th Wheel that she and Bill enjoyed living in for so many years.   If you know anyone interested in this outfit (2008 twenty-six foot 5th Wheel and a 2003 Ford 250 Truck) please pass the info along.  More information from Bob Denny   403-830-6503.

Gerald kindly took pictures at lunch.

It was great to see so many out for lunch and many of you plan to attend the June Rally in Blackie.   For more info on the Rally see the Events Page.  It really helps the Hosts plan if you register ASAP.


John Wuite is stepping down as Newsletter Editor after the June issue is done.  He is willing to work with the new Volunteer so now is the time to step forward to take on this important role for the Club.  Please contact our President John VandenBerg (fayejohn@shaw.ca) and/or John Wuite (jwuite@gmail.com) directly for more info or to volunteer

BLOG Master and Web Master NEEDED

John Bowerman announced that he and Mary-Ann are selling their RV and he wants to step down from his Blog and Web Master Roll.   Again I am sure John would be willing to train his replacement.  Contact John directly please  (jwbowerman@shaw.ca)

Remember folks that to keep our Club thriving we do need these positions filled.  Is it your time to serve?   Remember that the positions are VERY  lucrative  as the salary doubles annually!!   That’s why I do what I do!!

Thanks for the Memories!

Many thanks to our wonderful hosts — Sheila, Dottie, Doug and Kay & Tony — it was a great week of fun. It’s been several years since we’ve attended a rally so there was lots of catching up to do with old and new friends.

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Safe travels everyone. See you soon!

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After the Cowley Rally – Off to the Parade & Rodeo!

After the Cowley Rally – Off to the Parade & Rodeo!

Carol sent some pics of the rally attendees enjoying Pincher Creek and the rodeo.


Cowley Rally & 2017 Annual Meeting

Cowley Rally – Aug 13-18, 2017-08-21 Submitted by Dottie

Most of the 36 participants turned up on Sunday and with help from all, the hall was set up with round tables and chairs for eating and rectangular tables for the card players. Meet and greet was followed by shared meal. Monday Carol Davis aptly handled registration . Host meal was a Taco Bar followed with homemade cherry pie from Sheila’s trees and birthday cake for new member Dolores. Noel Burles and Vicki provided wonderful 2 hours of musical entertainment.

Tuesday morning included a tour of the Pincher Creek Hutterite colony. Excellent guide and tour including all buildings with explanation of what each building was used for. For example: 6000 chickens in one barn each producing 2 eggs a day.

Dinner Tues day night was on our own, but we found that with all the leftovers there was still plenty for all. Card bingo was officiated by Mel Hills, who as usual did a wonderful job. (someday you will get to play too, Mel)

Wednesday – Annual meeting was held at 2 pm followed by the ball game which the women won 11-1 whoo hoo !!!!!!. Sally arranged us later for the group photo. Evening meal was potluck, and as usual lots of leftovers which carried over for the next evening which also included heavy appetizers.

Thursday was explore Pincher Creek and area and then got together for supper.

As usual every night was followed with Card games…..Canadian Salad being the noisiest.

Friday morning the women dressed in hobo finest to partake of a great breakfast provided by the men.

No complaints so I guess every one was satisfied with the venue and the rally.

Boy, no shortage of pictures this time! Thanks to Sheila and Carol. Definitely looks like a good time for all.


RVers Online University (Info from Chapter Director)

Good afternoon to you and I hope you’re having a fine summer.

Escapees aren’t only on-the-go on the road, but are also always searching for ways to reach out to every member and potential member that’s out there on our highways and byways.  Many of you may be aware of the new RVers Online University, but perhaps some of your group members aren’t, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to access this fabulous resource for RVing education.

I won’t be repetitive  with information that you can access yourself at http://www.rversonlineuniversity.com/ , but I would ask that you please share this great new resource with your membership if possible.

Thank you and safe travels!

Lockie Sailer
Chapter/BOF Director
Escapees RV Club

July Lunch @ Royal Duke in Okotoks

21 of us assembled at the venerable hotel in Okotoks now called the Royal Duke (formerly the Willingdon for you history buffs). Hosts were Mary-Ann & John

We had a private room, which was a good idea because those of you who have attended our lunches know that we can get pretty loud with a group of congenial folks seeing each other for the first time in a while. The owner of the hotel, Candice gave us a brief history of the hotel before serving up a delicious meal with her helper Halley. Lots of good conversation and then people disbursed fairly quickly as a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for the area (It actually hit later in the afternoon and was not severe, but with heavy rain & small hail).