LED Desk Lamp

At the Mesa rally Carol B showed us a lightweight LED lamp that she and Tom bought at Discount Tools at Tyson Wash in Quartzsite. We liked it so much we bought one when we went through Q after the rally.


  • 20 LED lights
  • 2 settings (high and low)
  • swivel head
  • flip-up plastic hook for hanging (flimsy)
  • stands about 10 in/25 cm high
  • runs on 3 D batteries or a 4.5V charger
  • about $12 US


I really like the light at night. It’s bright enough to eat and read by, though I haven’t tried it for beading yet. And Gerry likes it cause it doesn’t use as much energy as incandescents. So we’re both happy.


For those of you interested in LEDs, here’s a link to the first 60-watt direct replacement LED bulb. It apparently puts out more light than a 60W bulb and uses less than 8 watts. You might choke on the price — about $120 US. But a good sign that advances are coming. Click on the link:

ENERGY CONSERVATION: LEDs continue to get better « The Conservation Report

Here’s a site that offers them for sale — along with a selection of other less expensive LED bulbs. 

LED Light Bulbs


2 thoughts on “LED Desk Lamp

  1. Nice light. Will make note. The technology is catching on and it looks like China may be in production lead! I’ve looked at CCrane bulbs before…great radio stuff, too.

    Happy trails, tom and nancy

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