Welcome Home to Winter

We’re home again. But one wonders why.

We left Quartzsite on April 4th just as a new bloom was underway. Standing beneath the branches of a large palo verde near our campsite was like being inside a bee hive — the wings of hundreds of bees filled the air with a steady hum as they hunted for honey. Some of the cactus were beginning to bloom as well, adding the most gorgeous spots of pink and red to the broad expanse of greens and browns.














Our route home took us mainly along I-15 and in southern Utah we came across the remnants of the latest storm that had swept through a few days earlier. From then on the mountains wore white and drifts began to dot roadside ditches and open fields. Hard not to yearn for the warmth of the desert we’d left behind.

We reached the border, sort of, at Sweet Grass about 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon. Like last year there was a huge lineup, this time stretching south for about a mile and turning I-15 into a huge parking lot filled with cars and RVs. It took nearly 2 hours to reach the Canada Customs booth where we spent all of about a minute or so answering questions and were then on our way. We encountered a similar problem last year and the Customs officer at that time had suggested using one of the smaller crossings as they weren’t nearly as busy. Me-thinks we will do that next year — or else plan to reach the border in the morning.




Wednesday we arrived home to find winter still in full possession of our driveway. A cow moose and her calf wandered out to see us, then high-stepped their way through the snow and into the trees. We weren’t so lucky. 

Each time the county snowplow had travelled our little road, it had piled the snow across our gate where it now formed a thick mix of ice and gravel. Then, of course, there was the matter of the knee-deep snow that filled the driveway itself. Out came the snowblower and the shovels and for the next 3 hours we huffed and puffed until the road was clear enough for Gerry to take a run at it with the rig. 



Our efforts paid off at last and we finally got the rig safely parked in the yard. Ah, now I remember why we came home — it’s springtime in Alberta!


3 thoughts on “Welcome Home to Winter

  1. The very reason I don’t cross the border until the VERY LAST DAY OF APRIL; and even at that we’ve been caught by winter just waiting for us to return.
    This border crossing thing seems to be some sort of political or union posturing and I wish it would stop. No reason whatsoever for those line ups.

  2. Not sure I want to come home yet.. Daughter says there is a Lake where I usually park the trailer. Still in California near Eureka but will be moving on Tues. Planning on going up to Lincoln OR and then across hiway 18 to Portland area and then up 97 to Osoyoos crossing. Any hints on this route?

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