Woodcarvers’ Workshop – by Ann & Mel

Several members of Chapter 44 have just attended the annual Woodcarver’s Workshop at North Ranch in Congress. It was a great week filled with instruction on woodburning and carving. The carving involved everything from walking sticks, birds, flutes, bark, gourds and more.



We enjoyed dinners, lunches and door prizes. Speaking of which, at our table, everyone won something except us! This is quite typical but we had a good time never the less.


Those attending were: Dennis & Pat Swann, Len & Sandy Macy, Bryant & Marian McFarlane, Neil & Edith Harper, Bill & Angela Bailey and us, Mel & Ann Hills.





Mel worked on his bark carvings and finished a large piece with a cliff dwelling carved into it and a smaller whimsical dwelling. I didn’t register with the wood carvers but enrolled in the spouse’s program and learned how to clean, cut, paint and decorate a gourd.







There were other classes on gourd spirit dolls, beading, wire wrapping gems, and tatting this year.






Next year the event is being held in the same place from March 20 to March 27. It is always followed by the Beaders Workshop.






We know there are lots of you out there who would enjoy these events so why not plan on stopping by on your way home next year. It is well run and the instructors are top notch.






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