Forest Visitor


Somedays you never know who’s gonna show up. Shortly after we arrived home from the south we discovered that something had dug a den under one of our wooden sheds. Too small for a bear. Too clean for a skunk. Too big for a squirrel.

The other day when Gerry went into the shed to get some equipment he turned around to see a red fox standing in the doorway. That’s when we discovered she had kits underneath the shed. I guess she wanted to see who was clumping around overhead and whether it posed a threat. Deciding that all was okay, she went back to the den.


red-fox-on-deckShe shows very little concern about our presence and often walks up onto the deck. We have lots of thick grass around the yard and she spends part of her time there hunting mice.

Gerry told this story to one of his coffee buddies today. Turns out this fellow had taken a walk around our place last fall — and to his surprise a fox followed him from the bush all the way back to his truck.

I snapped this pic of her today as she strolled by on the deck. She looks a little scruffy as her winter coat has begun to fall out.


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