Save Water in Your RV

It’s amazing how much clean water goes down the sink when you’re washing your hands or brushing your teeth. Some years ago we installed a small plastic “wand” on the tap in the bathroom of the 5th wheel. We noticed an immediate drop in water usage.

Once the device is installed you leave the tap(s) turned on slightly. A gentle nudge on the wand and out comes the water. Let go of the wand and the water stops. 

The wands are available on the web. Interestingly, the first sites I found aren’t connected to RVing at all but rather are promoting water wands for people with Alzheimer’s or those who have trouble turning taps on and off.

For more information and pictures, check out the Alzheimer’s Store ($14.95 US) or Maxiaids ($15.95 US).

We bought ours from fellow SKPs Pam & Steve. Pam said she saw some recently in Home Depot in the States for about $6US. If you find a Canadian location, let me know or leave the info in the comment box below.


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