On Top of the Rock – by Larry Dyer

Castle Dome Peak is the high peak that one can see from Yuma, looking north-east. I had been hiking with Fred and Vi V. for a few years in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge where the Dome is located. We decided that it would be a neat idea to see how far we could climb. 

Dome Rock, KOFA Wildlife Refuge, Arizona

Dome Rock Peak, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona

After several failures, I went into the Kofa office in Yuma and talked to one of the Rangers. He was very skeptical about telling me how to get up there but after hearing of our previous hikes, he did give me a few landmarks to look for.                         

One week later, the three of us headed out early one morning and found the way up to the end of the chute. I climbed the last 300 feet, straight up, to the very top.

From Highway 95 it looks like one could land a 747 on the top but once up there it is a totally different story. The peak itself is only large enough for about 4 people to stand on. Fred and Vi were disappointed that they didn’t go to the top so the following Saturday we went again taking 2 others with us. This time was a little easier as we knew where to go.

Sheila & Larry. Note geocache in lower left.

Sheila & Larry. Note geocache in lower left.

The following winter some of our other friends talked us into taking them up as well. There were 4 couples, all from Canada, average age was 65. This time it took a little longer as most had not done a lot of that type of climbing. That was my 3rd time up and I would like to go again, maybe this coming winter —no problem convincing Fred but may have some difficulty getting permission from the ladies.

Since this cache was created in 2002, only 12 cachers have logged it, the most recent on April 24, 2009. He wrote:

“I was a little shaky and concerned about getting down in one piece and it had taken me a lot longer than I had expected. So I headed on back down at about 12:40 PM.

“A great experience that I will not ever forget. Almost 9 hours, jeep to jeep. Good thing I have a very patient wife. Thanks for placing the cache in such an awesome place.”


For information on Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, click here.



One thought on “On Top of the Rock – by Larry Dyer

  1. Larry, I’m amazed at the heights you and Sheila will go to stash a cache! Sounds like a a one-of-a-kind trip. How about telling us some more of your adventures?

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