Fox on the Run


A few weeks ago I wrote about the red fox who dug a den under one of our sheds. She seemed almost tame from the start and has become more and more relaxed around us.
Late afternoon sun

Late afternoon sun


When we first discovered the den we could hear small noises coming from beneath the boards so we knew she had little ones. This past 10 days or so we’ve been treated to glimpses of these little grey balls of fur as they make their first trips into the outside world. 

Their mom “Red” is constantly on the go, hunting for both herself and her brood. Gerry counted 6 pups — a lot of mouths to feed. She has hunted out all the mice and voles in our yard and is now forced to travel further afield.

Breakfast Time

Breakfast Time


The morning I took these pics (May 16) Gerry and I were working in the yard when Red left on the hunt again — she seemed to have no worries about leaving her young tumbling about on the moss while we were only 20 or 30 feet away. I think we have passed the test and are now fox-accredited babysitters!

When I was looking for information on foxes on the web, we were fortunate to discover a wonderful resource — Fox Wood Wildlife Rescue, Inc — in New York State. Elise Able is the contact person and seems to have a heart big enough to include domestic animals as well as wild ones. Her blog has some interesting stories about foxes and coyotes along with pictures. The May 4th entry of her blog includes a close-up of a fox pup and an interesting story about orphaned pups.


4 thoughts on “Fox on the Run

  1. Sally, these are fantastic pictures of a fantastic animal. Visiting my friends in western London, England in 2000 they introduced me to a pair of red foxes that have been living under the shed in the back part of their yard. Each year when I returned they had a new family, Each morning they would come out in the yard and we would sit and have our coffee and watch them play around. In the early summer they would them make their way up on the roof of the shed where they would play and just sit and watch us. A wonderful experience with foxes in the city.

    • Yes, they truly are fantastic. Our 6 pups are nearly 2 months old now and we enjoy them everyday — running, playing, jumping and generally being little foxes.

      They have discovered my flower gardens which are somewhat the worse for wear, having been turned into little race tracks and places for digging. They also made off with a 4″-pot of chives that I was going to plant. Found the empty container the next day but nary a chive in sight.

  2. You’re right, Carol-Leah  — country living really does give wonderful opportunities to connect with wildlife. We are absolutely enthralled by the fox story that is unfolding in our yard.

    Had a terrible time on Friday — we didn’t see “Red” all day. That afternoon at coffee one of the fellows said he’d seen a dead fox in the ditch not far from our place. We came home with heavy hearts, looking for her body along the road. Nothing. We pulled into the yard wondering what on earth we would do about her 6 pups. Then as we got out of the truck there she was, alive and well.

  3. The joys of living in the country. If we ever stop this roaming, I would love to live where wildlife are all around; nicer to watch it in real life than on Discovery channel.

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