June Lunch – Okotoks

Many of the usual suspects convened on the Big Rock Grill in Okotoks for our monthly lunch. It was great to see so many faces. 

A big thanks to our hosts, Sharon & Bill, who chose the location and welcomed everyone as they arrived. 

June lunch 09 - Hosts Bill & Sharon 
June lunch 09 - Buffet

We all did well by the Chinese food buffet … “stuffed” was the operational word for many of us 😉 .

June lunch 09 - Roger


It was good to see John & Norma. John arrived on crutches following his recent knee replacement surgery.

June lunch 09 - table group

Next event? Join us for the August rally. And don’t forget the lunches in September and October. And then, my gosh … it’ll be Snowbird Season. Yahoo!


2 thoughts on “June Lunch – Okotoks

  1. Hi Jerry

    Sounds like we had the same kind of weather out here in Alberta — it was like the land that summer forgot, almost. Things have really improved in the last week or so.

    Enjoy the east — I’m sure our paths will cross this winter.

  2. How sad I am that I am not there with you all. I have been having a wonderful summer, except for the weather, here in Nova Scotia with my 5 kids and 9 grandkid, but my heart is with you all. Next summer will be different. My kids will just have to miss me while I am wandering with you all my Alberta Roamer friends. Hugs.

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