Up Hill and Down

Snowbird season is just around the corner and many of us are thinking about the south. For us in the west, that means we’ll be doing our share of up-and-down-hill driving, through conditions that may be less than the best.

Even when we’re below the snowbelt our travels may still take us into and through mountainous country. Which is where you may find this book handy. We picked up our copy in 2001 or so, and have been using it ever since.


Mtn Directory - Cover







Mtn Directory - Inside








If you like to avoid surprises on unfamiliar highways, Mountain Directory West — For Truckers, RV and Motorhome Drivers — is worth the price ($16.95 US). It gives the location and description of more than 400 mountain grades and steep passes in 11 western states, including % grade, number of switchbacks, curves, speed limits and such.

You’ll find more about the book on the publisher’s website. 




5 thoughts on “Up Hill and Down

  1. Just a quick “heads up” about the book on Passes.
    We ordered ours on the 26th of August and it arrived today (16th Sept.),so 21 days in transit.
    Allow yourself plenty of time between ordering and heading South.

    Please note that Baldwin Publishing did ship the day it was ordered,(Customs stamp) via USPS International Priority Mail. USPS claim 6-10 business days delivery at this service level.

    Anyway at first blush the book looks like it will more than pay for itself in extra road information.

  2. Also Sally, congratulations are in order, to you for getting the Chapter #44 page back up on the Escapees Website hooray!
    How did you do that?

    • Perseverance and a large dose of luck. Moving the events to the blog will hopefully eliminate those cyber gremlins and chapter members can find of what they’re looking for on these pages.


  3. Thanks for this Sally! Our copy is on the way!
    Perhaps it’s a bit of a waste of money for us Ford people, as steep hills don’t seem to bother the Fords’ as much as less powerful and discerning tow vehicles, however the pretty map colours are worth the price alone!

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