VCRs on the Go — Florence Archibald

Dale and I were VCRs for the Okanagan SKPs (Chapter 33) Spring Rally.  It was a finely organized time with an excellent Mardi Gras Theme.  The ambitious hosts provided us with Cajun food, beverages and music.  They even arranged for the Hitching Post Cafe in tiny Hedley to offer us a Cajun dinner and allowed us to be entertained by our own Escapees musicians.  It was fun!  

Become a VCR and see the world! (Or at least that part where SKPs gather ;) )

Become a VCR and see the world! (Or at least wherever SKPs gather.)




Did you know that at the moment Dale and I are the ONLY Canadian Volunteer Club Representatives (VCRs) and we are “lonely”?   





Ernie and Colombe Webster (our own Chapter 44 members) were given the hopefuly not too onerous task of being our VCR parents.  They were so helpful in our training, and now they have retired after a number of years as very efficient Volunteer Club Representatives.

We would love to see more Canadians sharing their knowledge and skills with fellow SKPs in the VCR capacity.  The Chapter Rallies held in Canada (with the possible exception of Chapter 44) do not very often have VCRs in attendance. Chapter Directors Susie and Denny Orr are looking for enthusiastic new recruits, so why not touch base with them for “all the goods” on VCRing. Chapter 44 has a long history of providing some super VCR candidates over the years, so let’s continue this fine tradition.   
Hope you’re having a super summer.  SKP Hugs,
Dale and Florence Archibald                                     

If you’d like information on how to become a VCR, contact Chapter Directors Susie & Denny Orr (


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