Life at KOFA ~ Bill & Sharon

The SKP world is a tiny place. When I phoned the Yuma Kofa Ko Op from Kansas to see if there would be room for us, I find out that the Park Managers ( Evelyn and Mel) are friends of Colombe & Ernie’s. The couple behind us from Indiana (Bob & Doris) are friends of Jeannette and George’s in Grande Prairie. Our Chap. 44 adopted “kids” (p & Deb) are here for a week or so for outfitting and repairs etc. before heading off to their place in Resondo, mexico. There are also SKPs wintering here with the BC Chapter, from Campbell River and Kelowna.

Life seems to have developed a pattern here! Long sleeves and furnace at 5:30/6:00 A.M., gloves & hoodys for the 8:00 A.M. walk, shorts & tees by 10:30 A.M., air conditioning on by 2:30P.M., back into long sleeves and pants by 5:30 P.M., comforter fully up on the bed by 10:00 P.M.

We have plunged into activities in the park, as it is the best way to get to know folks. We are in charge of Saturday breakfast for about 80 people tomorrow, (with lots of help), Sharon is doing afternoon crafts and aquacise and Bill is hot tubbing and assisting with the Wed. 8 Ball tournament. We have both volunteered for the Welcoming Committee. Thank goodness there is only 1 formal Happy Hour each week!  

We are enjoying meeting new people and reacquainting with old friends. A brisk and interesting desert walk for us and Cappy awaits in the mornings with lots of new and exciting smells for her, with the occasional desert hare and roadrunner to get her Mojo going. One of our neighbors is a chronographically challenged rooster, who starts his morning sunrise salute at around 4:00 A.M. Sunrise is about 6:45! The fruit and vegetables are fresh, the wine is affordable and we are both hale, hearty and in good spirits.

The world of RV friendship is small too. In less than a week here, we have had visits with wintermates from Osoyoos last year, our neighbor’s in our Okotoks park, and Sharon’oldest friend (not in age) since kindergarten (Peter) we haven’t even visited yet because our respective schedules have been too busy!


P.S. Our pancake and sausage breakfast yesterday went well, although we only served 55 people, as the local Chapter Rally had just wrapped up and some folks weren’t back yet. Apparently we were the first “guests” to volunteer to host a breakfast here, it has always been “members”

that did it.

Thanksgiving here is big! The Park is supplying turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy (Sharon is doing the gravy and a stuffing, I’

ll help with cooking and clean-up), the rest of it is sign up, so there will be yams, turnips and brussel sprouts and other veggies and a variety of desserts.

Life is good! Cheers!


One thought on “Life at KOFA ~ Bill & Sharon

  1. Great article by Sharon and Bill. Kofa was in our plans for this winter. We had been there a few times for visit and had decided to spend some time there in 09/10. At this point I’m formally asking Sally not to send us anymore blog updates – it’s too painful!!
    Seriously, our weather had been bearable with few nights and no days with temps below -10c We take full credit for this having to stay in Alta this winter. Always thinking of all of you, Hugs to all, John and Judi

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