News from the Great White North ~ John & Judi

Hello to all you Chapter 44 SKPs who are enjoying the warm temps in the south and a chilly howdy to all — like us — who made the decision to stay in Alberta for the winter. We work up to -15 C this morning and right now at 1:50 pm on a Saturday afternoon, Jan 2, 2010, it’s gone up to a balmy -8C.

We made the decision to stay north of the 49th so we could be closer to Judi’s ailing Dad who celebrated his 90th birthday just before Christmas. We moved into his condo in Calgary which is next to the nursing home where he now resides.

During November we were quite content with our decision as November was a month with temps above normal and little precipitation. Then came December and the shoe quickly went to the other foot. We went to Edmonton in mid-December to see our oldest granddaughter in her school concert. The day before we arrived Edmonton reported the lowest temperature on the planet, supposedly -40C. It was consistently in the -30s while we were there and yes we did have trouble getting the car started.

We went back again for Christmas. It was somewhat warmer — at least according to the weatherman — but it was still damn cold as far as we were concerned. Today is bright and sunny so it seems a little better until you venture outside.

We spent Christmas with our two sons in Edmonton and New Year’s Eve here in the cliff dwelling with the old folks. There was a New Year’s Eve do here but it wrapped up about 10:30 — guess we must have been on New York time.

Now a confession: we have succumbed to the lure of the south and have bought tickets to Palm Springs for Jan 11. We plan to be in the Yuma area for a week and then fly on to Denver to visit with our daughter and family. This decision was made before Christmas and Judi immediately went out and bought new luggage which we have already started to pack. Although we fly out of Calgary around 11:00 we may have to leave for the airport the night before to provide enough time for the long lineups. We will be in Yuma during the SKP Happy Hour and look forward to seeing you all there.

Hugs to all.


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