Escapees Happy Hour in Q

Wow! Seems like everywhere we turned we bumped into Chapter 44 members at the two big Escapees Happy Hours in Quartzsite on January 13 & 14. There were great crowds both days. The weather was lovely on Wednesday ā€” shorts and shirt sleeves were in great abundance. It was a bit breezy on Thursday but the sun shone and the visiting continued non-stop.

It was great to see Judi & John who flew down to spend a little R&R in the south after months of snow & ice back home. Verle & Curtis and Sharon & Bill drove up from Yuma for the day. I tried to catch as many chapter members on camera as I could but some “escaped” my eye. Got Carol B but my photo of Tom didn’t turn out. There were plenty of rumours that Doug & Jean might make an appearance but no one actually caught sight of them so we presumed they were enjoying life at Jojoba.

Ernie & his swing/jazz group performed all afternoon on Thursday ā€” Colombe was there capturing it all on video. Maybe we’ll get to see part of that at an upcoming rally. Chapter Directors (and Happy Hour Organizers) Susie & Denny cut a rug (or rather danced in the dust) to one of the tunes and got a great round of applause. (It’s wonderful when our “kids” do so well!)


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