Geocaching BOF Rally ~ Larry Dyer

The 1st Annual Geocaching BOF Rally was held in Quartzsite, Arizona from January 25th to 28th, 2010. Sue Pace and I were co-hosts for the rally.

There were 50 rigs in attendance with 90 geocachers. Many were “newbies” and some had never turned on a GPS receiver. Some were familiar with the units but had never downloaded data from the geocaching website or had only found a few geocaches. Several information sessions were set up to assist members with any information that was needed. There were enough experienced geocachers there to help with the training sessions. As like other rallies, there was a potluck supper one evening, a fire every night and plenty of time to socialize.

The Geocaching BOF was started in March 2009 by Arlo Thomas and at present has approximately 160 members. There is no newsletter and no annual fee. Arlo Thomas as founder stepped down as coordinator and turned the duties over to Sky Renfro. Hopefully, this rally will be an annual event.

If anyone is interested in joining, check out the Yahoo Bulletin Board at or contact me at dyerlk at and I can assist you in joining.

Sheila and I now have 3144 caches in 6 Provinces, 41 States and Mexico. We have just come back from a huge Geocaching Rendezvous over at the Ocotillo Wells Off-road Park. Will tell you about it at the rally in March.


2 thoughts on “Geocaching BOF Rally ~ Larry Dyer

  1. Good information. Sharon and I were not aware of this BOF.
    We just started geocaching a month ago and are finding it a hoot! It does get you to areas that you wouldn’t otherwise dream of going to.We currently have 11 finds and are anxious for more. There are scads of them in the Yuma area!
    Thanks for the article!

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