High Times in Kofa — Bill D.

Life at Kofa Ko Op in Yuma has been a warm and wonderful experience. It is hard to believe that in mid-February there is fruit harvesting going on, and that you can pick your own 5 gallon pail of tangelos (about 3 dozen) right from the tree for $5.00, and they can get 7 or 8 alfalfa cuttings per year from a field.

Yesterday Sharon & I hosted an impromptu and inspiring SKP Happy Hour with: Mel and Anne from Okotoks (our shiny new, just-minted VCRs); their friends Gary & Pam from near Halifax, Nova Scotia (brand new Escapees and soon to be #44ers!); Tony & Betty from Crowsnest Pass (Tony won the singles 8 Ball tournament here last Wed.); Bryant & Marian from Calgary (heading to the Woodcarvers Rally soon); and Tina and Everett from near Vernon, BC (non #44s). Missing were Gerald and Arlene who went home early due to Arlene’s persistent cough.

Life here has been a blast!

Last night some of the above went on the “Friday Taco Run” — an eating adventure to an open air Mexican place, run by a Mexican family that is truly unique! It looks like an old tarped greenhouse without walls. Dirt floors, 2X4 tables and stools, on a farm. It is great authentic Mexican food. Sharon & I ate all we could handle for $11.00 total including tip and you take your own wine or beer.

We ramrodded the Kofa Leaseholders’ Annual Meeting Luncheon for 142 hungry souls this past Tuesday and fed them all BBQ burgers with all the trimmings, kicked up beans, cookies and a beverage.

We had lots of excellent volunteer help from an all-Canadian crew: Tony and Betty, Marian, Tina and Everett and Glen from Campbell River!

That same evening there was a Hail and Farewell party for the new and old Board members, where we found to our great surprise that drinking copious quantities of champagne and Tennessee moonshine in the same evening can eventually lead to some noticeable cranial discomfort. It seemed like a good bet at the time however and we danced the night away!

Folks here are beginning to succumb to the lure of the road that we as Escapees seem to share, and travel plans are being formulated for the coming weeks, each for different directions and destinations. There is a “Tribute to the Renters’” dinner here on March 3, put on by the Lessees, and a few more minor things are planned for March, as the pace here winds down.

We are doing the Saturday breakfast next week, and hosting the Happy Hour get together on Wed., then starting to wind down ourselves, to prepare for the trip to Mesa for our Chap. #44 rally, which has all the earmarks of a real barn burner!

This is a visitor friendly Park. We have been received with open arms for many hugs (or handshakes) by Lease Holders and Renters alike. We were vigorously welcomed to each and every event we attended and we have made many new friends in the process. Just give a little and you get it back in spades.

Life is good!


3 thoughts on “High Times in Kofa — Bill D.

  1. Sure sounds like fun to us! We sure miss our SKP friends while we’re again back in the Louisville, KY area. Wrist Bone graft #2 failed, had it removed, am now on 8 weeks of daily hospital anitbiotics. Thereafter bone graft #3 — sure hope it works and mends well.
    Denny will be coming back to AZ Thursday to close up the house at NR, then to Algodonnes to finish dental work.
    If you come across the “yellow man” – try to keep him in AZ for the #44 rally.
    Again sure miss our SKP Friends…. Hugs Susie & Denny Orr

  2. And just what are “kicked up beans”? I guess I’m out of the culinary loop so I asked Bill.

    According to him you start with “Bush’s beans (the best down here IMHO.) Then  add ham/ molasses/some hot sauce and mesquite seasoning.”

    Maybe he’ll do a batch for Happy Hour at Mesa!

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