Mesa Rally Memories 2010 ~ Becky H

One year ago I made a trip to Mesa to try out camping in an RV that included a trip to Ch 44’s rally at Usery Mountain. I came back again this year to say thank you to the people that welcomed me then and to join the Chapter. I was surprised at how many people remembered me and my Cruise America RV from last year. Lonnie was “adopted” by my “parents” Carol & Tom B so now we’re all a happy family.

We joined the group for lunch at Organ Stop Pizza on Tuesday. Wurlitzer Organs were very popular during the silent film era. This one was built for and installed in the Denver Theatre in 1927 and was used until the early 1930s. Organ Stop bought it in the early 1970s and began the huge task of rebuilding it. More than 6000 pipes give a wonderful sound.

I started St. Patrick’s Day by joining the group hiking to the Wind Cave. It’s an uphill climb of over a mile to the cave. It took me an hour and 20 minutes. It was definitely a workout but the view was worth it.

I decided to skip the 7-mile hike around the mountain on Thursday morning and instead enjoyed a lazy start to the day. After lunch Lonnie and I joined beanbag baseball game. It was a wonderful game with lots of cheering and shouting. Tom B (our dad) hit a single and Lonnie hit a triple right after him which sent Tom home for the only point the men made in the game.After announcements and final door prize drawings, everyone gathered for a potluck dinner — 40 feet of tables laden with food! With full bellies we all gathered around the fire and dinner table for social time until well after dark.

Lonnie was up at 6:00 AM to help the men fix breakfast for the ladies. They showed up at 8:30 wearing their fanciest hats and jewelry, to be served a breakfast of pancakes with berries, bacon, fruit cups and juice. After seating and serving the ladies, the men finally sat down to eat.

After breakfast we sang some farewell songs and goodbyes were said all around. We finally got the rig ready about 10 and headed out.


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