Buying in the US But Shipping to Canada? — Terry S

I have my US purchases sent to At The Border Storage in Sweetgrass, Montana. When my purchase arrives at their warehouse, I just cross the border, pick up my purchase, bring it back across the border, pay the GST and wham bam I’m on my way back home.

A lot of US businesses ship to Sweetgrass free of shipping costs whereas if they shipped to Canada there would be costs, including brokerage fees. I also want to mention that I try to buy in Canada, but sometimes you can’t even find the product here, and secondly I find the prices here to be totally out of line.

I also use PayPal which is linked to my bank account and my VISA to pay online. I now do most of my buying online because I don’t like malls/stores, the selection is better and maybe I’m getting a little impatient in my old age. If you have any questions, feel free to e- mail me.

Note: At the Border Storage receives parcels via UPS and FedEx as well as those sent to a PO Box. Regular pickup hours are 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Arrangements can also be made for after-hours and weekend pickup.


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