Leaving Home

At last! Gerry & I are back on the desert, in our usual spot just north of Quartzsite. We’ll be here a week or so. The weather is lovely — overnight temps are around 15C which is warmer than most days we had this summer.

We had a good trip south. We left home Tuesday morning and stopped for a short visit with Jean & Doug and enjoyed Doug’s baked apple dessert with ice cream. Yummy. Just what road travellers need to replenish their energy.

We spent that night in southern Alberta and crossed at Coutts the next morning in the dark where they x-rayed the rig, with us in the cab. I wonder if we’ll glow in the dark?

Our plans don’t include Death Valley this year so we headed down I-15 through Utah. South of Salt Lake City is one long construction zone. It begins at Lehi and extends to Lindon. What a mess. Construction also popped up again periodically the further south we went. If you have other choices (or don’t mind sitting in a 4-lane parking lot for very long stretches) you might want to consider an alternate route.

Friday afternoon we found ourselves back in Quartzsite. Hot enough for snakes to be about though we haven’t seen any yet. A few flowers blooming though nothing like last fall after the huge amounts of rain that fell during the summer monsoons.

Safe travels all.


2 thoughts on “Leaving Home

  1. Still in Nova Scotia, headed for Saint John NB today and Maine shortly after. It has been a great trip, but we are badly in need of desert now. Achey joints and sniffles. Got my flu shot and ready to head south. Should be in Yuma by December. We will look you up then.
    Dottie and Jerry

  2. Hi
    We left Cowley on the 12th and headed south on I-15, then down to Ely and then #6 to Tonopah. Spent time in Tonopah, Beatty, Amargosa Valley, then to Jean, NV. Oddles of geocaches all through that area, logged some that haven’t been found since 2009. Left Jean in the rain and arrived at our winter spot last Wednesday. Got the rigs out of storage on Thursday, now ready to party.
    Larry & Sheila

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