Here & There on the Road

Well, the southern march has begun. Fifth wheels and motorhomes and class C’s and such are wending their way downhill to the desert, leaving winter behind. Or not.

Ann & Mel are hunkered down somewhere in Utah. Their departure from AB was delayed by a few days, just long enough to get caught in incoming wind/snow. Verle & Curtis are waiting out a snowstorm in Colorado. (Terry & Gail are watching the snow fall in their backyard in Alberta, with itchy feet. They leave next week.) Sheila & Larry, having geocached their way south, are now set up for the winter at Imperial Dam and ready to party. Judi & John are enjoying Pahrump and looking forward to Death Valley. Dottie & Jerry are about to leave NS for NB and are longing for the desert. Colombe & Ernie are in Quartzsite, as are we, though we haven’t had a visit yet.


1 thought on “Here & There on the Road

  1. Hi: On with the march. We are in the Vancouver rain at the moment and head southward on Sunday (31st). Thankfully, we missed the s*** that fell in Edmonton overnight and our travel (Thurs-Sat) through and over the Rockies was dry. Looking forward to seeing our Chapt. 44 friends in the sunny, warm south.

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