Life Is Good – Bill & Sharon

We Escapees share a lifestyle that can’t be beat! Heading South when the geese do and then, doing what we do.

We are a thousand stories, wrapped into a single novel that doesn’t and shouldn’t end. The bad roads and weather disappear when we reach our winter home, wherever that is for you!

Sharon and I are again ensconced at Kofa Ko-Op in Yuma AZ., after an “interesting” trip South. The good news, not a flake of snow the entire trip!

The other news: Full wiper blade rain through all of Montana and Utah, with headwinds bordering on epidemic, watching the fuel gauge do the “look I’m a dwarf” syndrome!

Example: Day 2, Dillon MT to Cedar City UT, 835 km, 4 fuel stops, cost enormous, end result: the next day in Yuma. “Priceless!”

The worst stretch of this route, for me, has always been Ogden UT to Provo, with Salt Lake in the middle. Constant 3 or 4 lanes of heavy traffic, all hell-bent to get to church or something, always under construction with narrow lanes, and the slow lane’s margin for error is a concrete abutment! This year, add torrential rain, frivolous winds and fog as thick as trying to drive up a cow’s behind! Result: Priceless

Our trip south this year was minor compared to many and we are just thankful to be here and looking forward to reestablishing with old friends and adding new ones to meet!

Life is good!


2 thoughts on “Life Is Good – Bill & Sharon

  1. Bill and Sharon – Glad you made it safely to Yuma. Look forward to seeing you when we get to Yuma near the end of Nov. John and Judi

  2. Glad that you have arrived safely!!!!! Quite a trip! How did the heel hold up?
    You will be tired for a day or two, getting set up and feeling like you are still behind the wheel, but you will have time to enjoy the sunshine and warmth, too.
    hugs to you both…Your Kids!

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