Snow Engine – Curtis & Verle

We are currently holed up at Cortez, CO waiting out a snowstorm that is passing through the Four Corners area.Verle & I spent the 14th, 15, 16th of October attending the Estevan Small Engine show in Estevan, SK as I had my partially completed model of a 400HP Snow Engine on display.

The Snow engine was used to pump natural gas in Pennsylvania from 1915 toabout 1973.  It’s a 4-stroke tandem engine with 4 cylinders, 2 pistons and one connecting rod.  I have attached a picture of the 600 HP engine. It is 67 feet long and the fly wheel is 18 feet in dia. and weighs 24 ton. It ran on natural gas when it was in production, now they run it on LPG at the show in Rollag MN.

We expect to be in Quartzsite area about Nov 1st. then on down to Yuma our final destination.


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