Adventure at the Border – John & Judi

We left Gleniffer Lake on Oct 15 and after spending that night with friends in High River tried to cross the border the next day. As we pulled up to the booth, sirens started and an electronic voice hollered “ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!” The  guard in the booth was frantically tyring to silence the alarm and keep an eye on us – as if we were going to squeal away in our motorhome leaving rubber.

We were asked if we were carrying radioactive material or if either of us had undergone medical treatment using radioactive “stuff”. No! We were quickly ushered off to the side and told to go into a building where we were relieved of our passports and vehicle registration. There were many signs posted in this building – “We are the face of the nation” – giving us the impression that maybe we would be treated like human beings. Window dressing!

After an hour of cooling our heels and watching others being treated like criminals we were called to the counter and re-asked the questions about radioactive materials. This agent WAS very friendly and polite and apologized for the delay. We were scanned with some kind of a gadget – nothing. This gadget was taken out to the rig and it and the car were scanned inside and out – nothing. The agent then got in the MH and drove through an obstacle course and through a building – I was not impressed with a total stranger driving the rig.

Another hour later we were told nothing was found and that it must have been “drift” from another vehicle. Thanks, Uncle Sam, maybe you should get your equipment updated. The upside of this little adventure is that in the excitement we were not asked about booze, fruit, vegetables, our destination, how long we would be gone or large amounts of cash.

We journeyed on to Denver, spent time with our daughter and family and then went on to Pahrump, NV. We’re here til the 9th and then go into Death Valley for the 49ers Festival. After that we’re in Desert Hot Springs for two weeks and on Dec 1 leave for the Dominican Republic for a couple of weeks. Christmas and New Year’s will be back at Desert Hot Springs. Wishing you all safe travels and lots of warm sun. As Bill D says “Life is good” Hugs, John and Judi


1 thought on “Adventure at the Border – John & Judi

  1. One more “interesting” story to add to your book of life!
    The “ALERT” thing would have scared the bejesus out of us, the waiting would have just been highly annoying!!!!!

    Life IS good!

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