Back at Jojoba – Jean & Doug

We received our latest SKP magazine and what a surprise it was to see that handsome Gerry fellow in full glory staring at us. Not only that but he was revealing yet another one of his talents. This time chef. We should have known because of his excellence around the hitch-up breakfast. Way to go, Gerry! And on the next page was what can only be Sally hiding under that cap showing off her turkey-cooking skills as well. Thank you so much you two for sharing this cooking method for the Escapees to enjoy.

We have been offline for several days because we had decided that Autonet was too expensive, with their present fee structure for Canadians who want to be on 6 months’ vacation. We investigated the system used at Jojoba and found it was not what what we were looking for. Verizon offered a wifi subscription for $40 a month. It, of course, will not work in Canada(except with high roaming charges) but you can put it on vacation for three months and then another 3 months at no charge. So we are giving that  a try.

The trip down went really quite well. There was light rain or snow from Great Falls to Jackpot but it melted as it hit the pavement. Other than Old Grey getting absolutely black with road grime we had no problems. We did our usual stop at Lake Mead and were delighted to discover that the new bridge across the gorge near the Hoover Dam is open. We drove across the bridge with the car but found that the walls (about 5 feet high) would not permit viewing the vista down the gorge. Perhaps those with motorhomes will get a good look because their windows are higher up. The new road is certainly more gentle, has no hairpin turns, and the double lane helps.

As we got to the agricultural inspection station entering California John and Judy W signaled to us and pulled over. What a wonderful surprise! We could only chat a few minutes as we were both parked in a driving lane, but it was sure great. They had beeped when passing us as we pulled off I-15 at Jean,Nevada the day before.

We are now at Jojoba for the winter and there are so many activities one has no excuse for getting bored. We had a few problems getting Old Grey settled in. The water connection had leaks — being plastic and 15 years old it’s no wonder. The phone we use on the park system gave up sending outgoing calls, so the office loaned us one and we’ll buy one the next time we’re in Temecula. The sewer hose also has a small crack in the adapter connection to the park drain. More shopping!  Doug will get back to playing pickleball in the mornings when the settling in duties are comple, and Jean has already claimed a spot in the sewing room and planned her first quilting projects. We had a great game of Peg and Jokers the other night, but missed pinochle last night.

We’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner in Friendship Hall with other tables of Jojobians next week. The chairwoman of our table is from BC and a couple from Alberta who are renting are going to join us, making 12 people. The other tables were full by the time we got here.

If anyone would like to visit Jojoba we , as members, can make reservation for them if they want a hook-up site. sites are $20.00 a night. This includes all utilities. Phone us on our cell phone, or e-mail is good too. Take care.



2 thoughts on “Back at Jojoba – Jean & Doug

  1. We got sick of the internet offered around here (Arizona) so decided to go with Virgin. You have to buy the stick ($75 at Walmart) and unlimited monthly service for $40. I like not having to worry if I’m going over my alloted MB per month. It’s pay as you go so no need to turn it off when you go back to Canada. The only problem with it is that it uses Sprint and the coverage is not that great but it is good where we will be this winter and probably next. Maybe we’ll see you this winter. Nice to be away from Alberta right now.

  2. Glad to hear that you have escaped the brutal weather in AB.
    We are looking forward to AB Dec.13 but not to freezing our buns off. Verle & Curtis

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