Visiting with Friends

We spent a lovely weekend visiting with good friends. Many of you know Pam & Steve, full-time SKPs out of Ohio. Steve entertained us royally with his magic show at the Mesa Rally a couple of years ago. And of course, a lot of you know our Chapter 44 “son”, Hoppy, from Alberta.

We were expecting visits from all three of them but not necessarily on the same weekend. When I realized that and then heard they were all in the Casa Grande area I e-mailed them the scoop on each other. Hoppy went in search of Steve & Pam and promptly introduced himself. (Ain’t the SKP world grand.) By the time their 2 rigs arrived at our place on Saturday everybody already knew each other.

There was time for lots of visiting in the sun — and, of course, one of Pam & Steve’s famous dump cakes for dessert on Saturday! That, along with the Haagen-Dazs ice cream, put us all on a sugar high for the evening visit.

We said goodbye to Steve & Pam on Sunday morning, then Gerry & Hoppy headed off to see some of the places we had enjoyed when the four of us — Hoppy, Janet, Gerry & I — had boondocked on the desert. Then, of course, more visiting. The three of us had supper together Sunday night — I cooked the main meal and Hoppy (I love you!) made lemon meringue pie, Gerry’s favourite. What a treat!

The guys made another trip for coffee early this morning, then Hoppy hooked up and headed off to Yuma and some golf. We’ll be heading over to Q next week where the SKP world being what it is we’ll see all of them again.


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