Life Is Good! — Bill & Sharon

Life here for Sharon and I has developed a rhythmic, if somewhat chaotic, pattern.

The mornings are usually plumb full. First, my exercise program, which now includes a physio segment for my Achilles tendon, so that now shoots an hour! Then it’s computer catch-up time, on e-mails, weather, markets, Facebook, Chapter 44 blog and news from back home, delivered via The Calgary Herald online (much negative news these days, I feel). The second hour has now expired!

Sharon is up by now and enjoying tea and a crossword puzzle and we discuss the day.

But wait there’s more!

Cappy, our Standard Poodle has now arisen from our bed (she gets second shift in my spot) and is demanding her “Princess” level of attention. The next hour is about to be gobbled up by her “royal right”, a 1-hour walk in the desert.

It used to be a fairly basic routine. However, after a winter and a half of walking this desert, Cappy has finally discovered where the elusive, usually nocturnal Desert Hare hides during the day. No more occasional random flushings from afar. Now, every bush within a quarter mile is thoroughly scoured with nose, ears and eyes, and surprise, surprise, productivity has risen dramatically! Two, three, four and occasionally five very “up close and personal” chases are now readily initiated, and carried through to a foregone conclusion —a lost sighting, when the hare kicks into overdrive. Result: her former 6 km desert walk is now more like a 10 mile marathon run. At 10 years of age she is now one tired, albeit happy old dog!

For Sharon and me, our one hour walk is still a one hour walk, although now, much spicier and more inspired than previously. Watching Cappy at full gallop in hot pursuit of a self-flushed Hare, then returning to us for a little praise with tongue hanging to her knee … priceless!

So now back home, for a simple, but well-deserved, breakfast.

Then the two of us “bonding” over dishes, followed by the other daily chores, fetching drinking water, recooling the cooler and other various and sundry that most of us do.

How many hours is that now? It just doesn’t matter, the morning is shot! Is it any wonder we can’t make an appointment or function before 11 A.M?

But wait there’s more!

The day is warmer now and there is still Sharon’s daily aquacise session in the pool and my second physio bout in the hot tub!  Another hour, mostly cut and butchered.

Did I mention finding time for crafts, shooting pool or 8 Ball tournaments, sun tanning (yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus), getting groceries, attending swap meets, dental appointments in Mexico, happy hour, welcoming committee, visiting with friends and new arrivals, hot dog lunches at The Mine Shaft? What about today’s “To Do” list? We’ll just move that into tomorrow!

Cappy has slept most of the day away and is now refreshed and is royally entitled to a half-hour evening walk to find more Desert Hares.

How about someone cooking dinner? Perhaps eating it as well if there’s time. Leave those dishes, we’ll do them in the morning when there’s more time!

Then throw in poker twice a week, potluck dinners, ice cream socials, the occasional hosting of a Saturday breakfast or other function and you have happy, tranquil chaos!

We are blessed to lead such a full life and have had the pleasure of many Chapter 44 members coming to visit with us and others, and then moving on. Others have arrived and are staying awhile (see photo). We hope to see some of the departed ones again at the Quartsite Happy Hour!

Life is good!

Good friends, good times! From the left: Sharon, Betty, Gerald, Tony, Larry, Marlene and Arlene.


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