Life at Jojoba — Doug & Jean

Well, what has the new year brought your way? Not too much different here at Jojoba, but we manage to find interesting projects. As you know, the great thing about being retired is that all the rush, rush is gone.

Jean took a hard tumble just outside our door several days ago. The walkway was edged with a cement  scalloped edging that stuck up about 3 inches. She landed on that hurting her ribs and banging her head ( the first time in all the falls she has experienced). Three days later she sported one black eye that lasted for a week. There did not appear to be any broken bones but she is still experiencing hurt ribs.

The scalloped edge had to go (even though it didn’t cause the fall)!  We had figured that out last year when we moved to this lot. It would likely be a tripping hazard. The solution to it was to dig it in deeper and turn it upside down so now the edge is even with the pavers. There was also edging out back on the walkway to the shed. Rain tended to pool there and so it was a good excuse to reposition the pavers with more sand under them before replacing the edging. Now we will have to wait until the next rain before knowing if the paver repositioning worked.

We wanted to go to Quartzsite for the RV show and Escapees Happy Hour  to see our many friends who winter or visit there. That was not to be!

Air pressure on Old Grey would only build to 60 pounds. It takes 90 pounds for the Maxi-brake (parking brake) to release. Doug spent time jacking Old Grey up and investigating if there were any serious leaks. None could be found. It was concluded that the governor (air pressure controller) was the likely culprit. Then the job of finding a mechanic who would come to Jojoba, (since Old Grey could not move one inch), to do the work was tackled. MCI (manufacturer of Old Grey) to the rescue. They found one in Temecula and he came out and did the repair. Success – well, except by that time we had missed the Quartzsite show. We were disappointed but such is life.

Jean is sporting a huge smile these days. She has completed all the grandchildren’s quilts. But she is still quilting. The park gives quilts (lap size) to severely ill members. She has been using her ingenuity to use remnants and abandoned squares to create some of these quilts.

We are especially proud of our youngest granddaughter – the figure skater. She is a member of the synchronized skating team who won the gold medal for Alberta and then the western region this year. Unfortunately, they will not be able to compete in the national event because they are a small club and do not have enough skaters on the team to qualify. It is a real feather in the coach’s cap to beat out teams from large centers.

We have really enjoyed reading and seeing your photos on the blog. Keep up the good work! We are not going to attend the Mesa rally this year, Boo-hoo! We will have been at Jojoba only 4 months and felt we wouldn’t take the time now to travel through Arizona on the way home. We know those that do attend will have a wonderful time. We’ll see you next year in March, or home in Alberta this spring and summer.

Keep us posted about your life and take care of each other,

Hugs, Doug & Jean


1 thought on “Life at Jojoba — Doug & Jean

  1. Sorry to hear about your fall Jean, and we will surely miss you both at Mesa. Save travels

    Life is good!
    Bill Denney

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