Snow Zone Part 1 — Roger & Liz

In case you are thinking of heading this way soon, forget it. Today was a high of 44F, low of 35F. There is snow on all the hills around Spokane. And it has been raining ever since we arrived on Saturday evening.

As planned we left North Ranch on Wednesday, the 23rd and had a sunny, no wind trip west. We had decided to go up I-5, as the interior was having snow storms — translation: winter storm warnings with up to 3 feet of snow in the Eli and Blue Mountains.

We had a nice drive until Barstow when we drove thru the storm front with high winds. Soon the rain started (Kramer Jct.), but the wind dropped and we didn’t see the sun again. Thursday was a wet drive up to Red Bluff, but here the traffic came to a halt. Chains were required over the Siskayous and RV and trucks were not recommended. So we spent the night in Red Bluff, getting the latest road and weather reports — things did not look good.

At noon when we heard things had improved, we headed out. Since we are not a truck — ha ha — we moved into the auto lane and ended up bypassing the chain check lane. (We had chains for both the pickup and RV, the RV’s are still in the sealed bag that they came in.) And up the pass we went. Where was the ten miles of snow where chains were required?  It ended up being a rain event. A lot of snow along the road, but none on the highway. So much for all the hullabaloo.

We left Sutherlin, OR on Saturday morning, drier, with scattered showers, and set our course for home. It poured through the Columbia Gorge and we wondered if we were on the road or in the river. Turning north at Boardman, the rain stopped and we headed for home, arriving almost 11 hours after we left Sutherlin.

So I got my dental check up this morning, and we got the vehicles washed, the mail sorted, laundry done, and bills paid. Whew. We have been promised 50 degree weather later this week and maybe some sun, but who believes road and weather reports anymore. So, if you’re warm and dry, try to keep it that way.  Only cold and snow awaits here.


1 thought on “Snow Zone Part 1 — Roger & Liz

  1. Sounds like a rough trip Roger! We are glad you are safe and sound!
    We were right behind you to North Ranch for a week of R&R, now Sharon’s beading week, and she’s having a blast! In no hurry to leave after that, except our USA time clock continues to tick.
    Osoyoos next for us before braving the Alberta May squalls (and the election).

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