Back in the Snow Zone

There goes Year 12. Can’t believe another winter sojourn is behind us. Well, the “sojourn” is over. Winter, however, is still very much with us. We left sunny southern Arizona about 2 weeks ago. The run north wasn’t bad — we managed to stay between the storms for the most part.

Three days after pulling up stakes on the Sonoran Desert we were at the border. For the first time in a very long time there was hardly any lineup. For too many years I-15 has been a parking lot south of Sweet Grass and it has often taken 2 to 3 hours to get back home across the fence.

This year, a major surprise. Canada Customs had 3 lanes open for non-commerical traffic (a first in some time). It took about 21 minutes to reach the Customs booth and less than 2 minutes to be processed back into The Great White North.

We spent a couple of nights at the Lions RV Park in Warner decompressing from our trip. We checked the weather online and decided that a move to the Bridgeview RV park at Lethbridge was definitely in order as more snow/bad weather was on its way. Three years ago, in April 2008, we spent a week at that park in one of Alberta’s famous blizzards. It wasn’t so bad this time — we only had to hole up for 3 nights.

We did have a lovely visit with Jean & Doug, along with a great homecooked meal. We’d hoped to connect with other Chapter 44 folks but getting home became a priroity once we saw a small window of opportunity.

We arrived home — well, not exactly “home” — about 10:45 last Monday morning. There was so much snow we couldn’t even pull the rig off the County road into our driveway. The grader operator had piled snow up to our approach all winter. Across the cattle guard our lane was nearly as full of snow — shaded by all the trees very little had melted (not that the temperature ever really got that high).

We waded on foot through deep snow into the yard to retrieve our snow-clearing equipment — in places it was more than 2 feet. And even thicker alongside the garage and on the deck. Oh, joy.

Gerry fired up the snowblower and I hauled out the shovels. Snowblowers are wonderful. But they’re not really designed to cut through ice and compacted snow. It took a lot of effort on his part to manhandle that machine. Meanwhile I was out in the sun digging out our approach. (Good thing I had lots of shovel practice this winter making concrete.) We both finished about the same time — almost 3 hours to the minute. That was one long job.

Gerry fired up the mighty Dodge and pulled the rig into the yard. There was still a good layer of ice below all the snow so backing up was tricky as the trailer wheels kept slip-sliding around but we finally got it done.

Sadly my beloved camera died just before we left Arizona so I have no photos to share of our great shovelling adventure. But the memory will be etched in my mind for some time to come.

We were two sore and tired puppies that night. Although we miss the south, it’s still good to be back. And to be making plans for next winter!


6 thoughts on “Back in the Snow Zone

  1. Everytime it snows down here we think of your trip home and are glad that everyone is making it OK. We continue to set records–the latest in the year to reach 60 degrees F, the most snowfall in April, the most days without sun. What little tan we were able to get in Arizona has disappeared and we look white like the rest of the folks here. Fuel prices have cancelled our summer trips so we’ll stay home and work on that to-do-list when we get a “round tuit”.
    Hugs, Roger & Liz

  2. We too are back in Canada. Staying close to the border in Chilliwack at Bridal Falls Camperland till May 15th. Then we move to another nearby park (not sure which one yet, but probably Vedder River) Jerry is taking treatments at the Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center but I had to return to Canada, so the compromise. We drive down to Renton WA every Sunday, treatment is Monday then we drive back. You can keep up to us at
    Thanks to all the well wishers who have visited the site, we love getting your comments and encouragement.
    We have had our share of snow and gloomy weather, 2 sunny days since we left Yuma in March. Spring would be nice.
    Hope to see most of you at one of the summer rallies or luncheons.

  3. Glad to hear that you are home safely, albeit, in the snow!
    Crossed to Lethbridge on Sunday where we were greeted with warmth and sunshine! YES! The snow is gone and it is dry! This was very welcoming after sitting out a snowstorm/blizzard in Helena, MT…Great Falls had a foot! Will stay here ’til May 1 or UNTIL the water is on in Glowing Embers and the snow is gone! What are the chances???? Is this Springlike sunshine just a teaser? Time will tell!
    A to-do list? It must be Spring!
    Hugs B&B

  4. Sharon & I are glad you made it home safely, even though it wasn’t very welcoming!
    We are leaving Osoyoos Friday, as it looks like a good weather window. It hasn’t been much of a spring here either,the snow line is still about a 100 meters up, and very cool and windy for the most part.

    Cold and snow or not, it will feel good to be back in Ab.
    Hope to see you at lunch In May

  5. Glad you are home safely. We didn’t have much shovelling the day we got home. It was actually quite warm. Only took four tries to get the RV through the mud and onto the blocks. Howewver, 2 days later there was a foot of snow and a blizzard. Curtis said it can stay there til it meelts and it has. Now on to the to-do list which is very long. Hugs Verle & Curtis

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