Mesa Rally

Hoorah! I found them. The missing rally photos turned up at last. That’ll teach me not to post them right away. A wonky hard drive and the lack of a good backup (I know, I know) caused great grief the last couple of weeks but I think I’ve managed to save everything. Lesson learned.

The Mesa Rally this year was great. Our host team — Ann & Mel, Sharon & Bill, Cathy & Dale — put together a wonderful week. Many thanks!

If you have any photos or comments you’d like to add, please send them along to me in an e-mail and I’ll post them.


1 thought on “Mesa Rally

  1. Great news Sally, the pictures are great.
    We are also in process of trying to get data and pictures off of a recently fried hard drive (Friday 13th, go figure!)Getting external backup before the fact is a much better (and cheaper) solution! It can’t happen to me, Right!!!(Other readers’ please heed)!

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