June Rally 2011

It was a great week. With the exception of some wind and cool temps on Monday, weather for the rest of the week was beautiful. (Though we could have done with fewer mosquitoes.) Thanks to Sharon for some of the photos. If you took pics and would like to share them, please send them along to me.

There was lots of visiting and catching up on news after the last snowbird season. We also have some new members. Eva & Henry — long-time friends of Carol D — joined the chapter, as did Terri, daughter of members Elaine & Gord. Welcome all.

And in case you were wondering, the gals ran away with the baseball game. The guys were good losers  — they still made us a wonderful Hitchup Breakfast.

Thanks to the co-hosts for putting together another good time — Sheila & Bob, Gail & Terry, and Sally & Gerry.

Hope to see you all at the August Rally!


1 thought on “June Rally 2011

  1. Great photo essay Sally. It really does convey the camaraderie that the Rally was all about! A very large `thank you`to the hosts who made it what it was.

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