August Rally Pincher Creek 2011

That, as they say, is a wrap. The August rally has come and gone. And what a time it was! Many thanks to the host team — Sheila & Larry, Elaine & Jan, and Elaine & Smokey. And to Wilma & Terry who were unable to attend but were with us in spirit. They made our 15th anniversary very special.

About 30 rigs registered for the event and a number of members who couldn’t attend the whole rally dropped by for visits. There was lots of visiting and reminiscing. There were tours. There were great meals and desserts. And entertainment. Good friends getting together and new people joining us for the rally. Can’t get much better than that 🙂

Curtis will have a write-up about the rally in the next issue of the newsletter due out in September. I’ll be posting some more pics from other shutterbugs in the next week or so. And if you have pics to share, send them to me in a regular e-mail and I’ll add them too.


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