Company Arrives

Last week Gerry left early Monday morning with a friend, heading for California to pick up said friend’s car from near El Centro. They were going to make a day of it, seeing the friend’s house, stopping at Dateland, a visit to Walmart (yes, Gerry does WM) then home by dark.

I was left to my own devices. Started off with a long walk through the desert, then off to the library, the grocery store and home for a late lunch. I was just finishing up when there was a rat-a-tat-tat on the door. It was Curtis & Verle, they’d just arrived via the Old Tucson Highway, through Why and up to Ajo.

We had a lovely long visit. Gerry arrived back about 6:30 or so that evening so after supper the four of us got a chance to continue our visit.

But all was not well with them — truck troubles. Curtis planned to head to their place at Yuma and work on it there but by this morning he decided to try fixing it here. I missed the shot of The Great Truck Move down to the shop door … but then Verle, Curtis and Gerry did a re-enactment later that afternoon.

Many hours later, after much sweat and trial and error, it seems to be working, tho’ I think Curtis still needs to do some work when they land in Yuma.


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