More Company

Gosh, you just never know who’s gonna turn up on your doorstep.

Just after lunch on Sunday — while I was reading and Gerry was finishing his nap — I heard a familiar voice outside the RV. It was Cathy & Dale C. They’d arrived at their lot in the Casa Grande SKP park a few days earlier. They heard we had a lot over in this corner of Arizona so without so much as a phone number or any directions they decided to see if they could find us.

The key piece of information was red truck, no box. And would you believe it — as they were driving through town Cathy was looking out their truck window and spotted something that matched the description. It was indeed us.

We had a most enjoyable visit in the sun, exchanging stories about our trips south and other assorted RV stuff. We also got to see their new Ford truck. And would you believe it — I actually got a pic of Gerry aka Dodge Man sitting in the driver’s seat :-).


One thought on “More Company

  1. Hola

    we are reminded of a man “with a Ford key on his hip”. That grin on Gerry’s face has us puzzled. Does it mean “busted”?
    We are still raking leaves and now getting out our winter coats. Snow flurries are forecast for this weekend.
    Hugs, Roger & Liz

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