Turkey Time

Marlene's wall art.

What a feast! Thirteen of us sat down to a wonderful meal yesterday — turkey and ham and all the trimmings. And of course calorie-laden desserts — pies, cookies, ice cream, cream-filled mini eclairs with chocolate drizzle. Yummy stuff all round. Now I just have to burn all this off.

For the first time in a long tim Gerry & I had turkey indoors :-). Marlene & Frank (they were VCRs at our June rally last summer) invited us to join them along with several of their friends. Quite a surprise to learn that on this traditional American holiday, Frank & Marlene were, as he put it, “the token Americans”. The rest were all from … Alberta! Seemed like home away from home.

Frank cutting up the delicious ham that Marlene made.

Food covered the table and the counters. Good thing we all brought our appetites.

Marlene & Joanne say "Come and get it!"

Two happy and very full folks.

Couldn't eat another bite.


3 thoughts on “Turkey Time

  1. We thought that on some future date we would find ourselves in Ajo around Thanksgiving. But after looking at all the calorie laden food, well, maybe….
    The grins, short sleeves shirts and shorts tell it all.

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