Alberta to Arizona – Pat & Dianna

Just to let everyone know, very recently I decided working in Canada was too much like work with not enough time for play so I am going back overseas (Sudan again) where I have a schedule that we can at least plan trips and rallies. We have missed everyone and the rallies this year, but hopefully will remedy that this coming year.

We returned the propane tank to propane company in Peace River and I have moved our rig to our lot in Yuma, Arizona. Getting rig set up for Dianna who will be flying down next week.

My travels weren’t as lucky as some. Left Hillspring and drove in blowing snow to white out conditions almost to St George – first stop. Trip wasn’t too bad except air intake hose disconnected and air filter plugged off with snow – no turbo, dogged it through the mountains. Clear sailing after that through Vegas to Casa Grande to see friends and had appointment in Tucson, then onto Yuma where I have been getting things set up. Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing you all soon

Pat & Dianna


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