Winter Wonderland — John & Judi

Hi All You Lucky People in the South — Just thought I’d give you a touch of reality and a reason to give thanks you’re not in good ol’ Alberta. Took two last evening at about 5:00pm and the other two this am at about 11:00. Toatal amount is estimated at about 6 -8 cm – not a lot by standards for this time of year.  According to the TV driving ’tis the pits all around Calgary. Those of you who have CDN TV can get all the gory details.

All is well here. We spend our time watching the traffic on Macleod Trail and being thankful we’re not out there. An explanation — our unit overlooks the Fish Creek Nissan dealer and Macleod Tr. What a wonderful view.

All the best; hugs and shakes, John and Judi


2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland — John & Judi

  1. I’ll see that bet and raise you one frozen stand pipe 🙂 … even chillier over here in Ajo. The water pipe was frozen this morning tho’ once the sun got up it thawed itself out. So much for believing the overnight forecast of 36F.

    Hugs & Shivers to All … and to all a good day

  2. Thanks John, the pictures do vividly show why some of us are in the south!

    It’s not all roses though, +3C here in Yuma this A.M., with a high of around +14C. VERY cool! No, we don’t expect a whole lot of sympathy from those in the north!!

    All is well here, and we are looking forward to attending a Chapter #7 luncheon here on Friday!

    Life is good!

    Hugs & Shakes;…Bill & Sharon

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