Holiday Plans – Carol-Leah & Bill

We are in Palm Springs for the next four months.  Bill is totally immersed in Pickleball.  We’ve only been here for two weeks but quite settled in.

From Lethbridge we went to the 49ers Rendezvous in Furnace Creek.  It was a great time and almost everything was held at the one spot and we were right across the highway so it was easy to get back and forth to the music and art exhibits.  We did have to drive to the Resort for the informative sessions but it was only a mile or so and well worth the trip.  Unfortunately the people that had an interest in the talks and slides far outnumbered the size of the room they were held in.

When we left there we went to Vegas and stayed for three weeks.  Bill joined two sports clubs and played pickleball every day.  Friends from Vancouver Island were there for one of the weeks so we were kept busy.  We went to the Christmas Parade in Boulder City one evening and darn near froze to death.  I may have to shop for a winter coat if we continue to hang out in cold places during the winter.

We are going to Quartzsite for a couple of days (the plan if life doesn’t get in the way) and may be there for the SKP get together.  If we are we will come by.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.  We are spending it in the park here and know it will be wonderful to be with new family once again.


1 thought on “Holiday Plans – Carol-Leah & Bill

  1. Merry Christmas to you as well. See you soon. Depart. Jan 2nd. for quartzsite. Very cold here. Definitely need a winter coat and snow boots feels like Christmas

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