Desert Greetings – Larry & Sheila

Just wanted to wish all of our friends in Chapter 44 a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

We are parked in our favourite spot on Herman’s Horse Path at Imperial Dam LTVA. This is our 19th winter here and still enjoy being close to Yuma. We do spend time over at Ocotillo Wells, an off-road park, west of the Salton Sea, Jeepen’ and caching. Even though the weather has been cool and damp it is still better that shovelling that white stuff or trying to stand up in the Pincher Creek area. They have had lots of wind this winter according to our kids.

Bill and Brenda came one day a couple of weeks ago and had lunch with us. There are several Escapees here in the area from all different chapters. Our “kids” from Golden, Brian and Wendy, just got back from spending 6 weeks on the Baja. John and Mary Ann were here for a while but have moved on. We did go to the Escapees’ luncheon in the Foothills last Wednesday and chatted with Gerald and Arlene, also found them roaming the isles in Walmart one afternoon.

On Christmas Day we are going into Yuma for dinner at a restaurant, first time in many years that we have not made Christmas dinner. One year several years ago we fed 35 for dinner but now the number of campers here have dropped. Last night we started the annual Light Parade and it will go on for the next 4 nights. It is the 31st annual parade.


One thought on “Desert Greetings – Larry & Sheila

  1. Merry Xmas from MURPHY FLATS. We used to be over there on Hermans Horse Path years ago. Now look over the Gravel pit road, the Okanogan fifth with grey dodge truck. Wonderful place to spend the winter. Pop over if you have a free moment. Merry Xmas to all…Heather and Jerry Cyr

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