Quartzsite Happy Hour 2012

Whoo-hoo! What a great two days. We lost count of the number of Chapter 44 folks who showed up at the Escapees Happy Hour β€” it seems you couldn’t walk more than a few feet before bumping into someone from our group. And of course all of us know SKPs from other places, so both afternoons took on the flavour of one large family reunion.

Many thanks to Chapter Directors Susie & Denny Orr for organizing this event. (Hard not to brag about one’s “kids” :-). ) And many thanks too to all the SKPs who arrived early to help hold the spot, set up tables, bring snacks, perform and generally lend a hand wherever it was needed. The SKP philosophy of caring and sharing was evident wherever we went.


5 thoughts on “Quartzsite Happy Hour 2012

  1. Great Pictures, of a great group, all the laughter & smiling faces increases our regret of not being there.
    Hugs Curtis & Verle

  2. Candace … it’s a great lifestyle. And for our money, ya just can’t beat the SKPs for friendship and fun. Don’t wait too long to join us πŸ™‚

  3. I can FEEL the warmth shining from Q!

    Oh, how I wish we were there with ya’ll ….one of these days, we WILL be!
    I don’t know any of you – yet – but as SKP members, we have been lusting for a “Q” experience since we bought our first RV.

    Terry and I are still working, shopping for our 3rd RV now, and hope to meet other SKP’s down the road.


    Terry & Candace

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