Back in Quartzsite – Smokey & Elaine

We are now back in Quartzsite after a wonderful trip back to Alberta. We flew out of Palm Springs which is a much smaller airport than Phoenix and definitely less traffic, also they do not have a Duty Free Store. The temp in Palm Springs when we left was 78 degrees F and when we arrived in Calgary it was -20 degrees C with a wind chill of -30 degrees C.

We stayed overnight at our daughter’s and when we went to start our car the next morning it was deader than a door nail. Selina gave us a boost and we were on our way to Pincher Creek. The roads south were clear. A note of interest. The Esso Station at the south end of Nanton is now a Flying J. It changed hands about 2 months ago. Also the weather warmed up to +6.

We managed to get all our business done and that night our neighbor Allie invited us to dinner. On Saturday I was able to have a very nice visit with Lillian. She is doing really well. Her hand has healed and she no longer gets dizzy spells. She is even going to the Legion occasionally to play crib.

We returned to Calgary on Sunday and our daughter had a wonderful, belated turkey Christmas dinner for us and we celebrated our grandson turning 13! Our son took us out to Ghost Lake on Monday to see his cabin he is having built and that afternoon we went to Airdrie to visit our friends Marg & Tib.

We flew out of Calgary back to Palm Springs and stayed overnight at the Best Western. The next day we drove to Jojoba. What a drive. I was white knuckle all the way as I was on the outside looking down, but what a wonderful view when we got to the top. We had a wonderful visit with Doug & Jean and Dave & Gloria and they served us a very tasty lunch. Very impressed with Jojoba — what a view.

Drove back to Quartzsite that afternoon. We were amazed at how many semis we passed heading east and the same amount heading west. The next day went to the big tent which was quite busy but on Sunday you could have shot a cannon through it and not hit anyone.

We are going to head to Yuma on Thursday and then next week will start heading to Tuscon where we will stay until the Rally in March.

Smokey & Elaine


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