Nice Day for a Hike

It was a good day for a hike last Tuesday so Terry, Gerry and I headed out onto the desert. We explored some of the mountainsides and old two-tracks, looking at scenery and checking out rocks, Terry’s big passion. He also had his first experience with jumping cholla. Ouch!

All the rain that fell on the desert a few months ago is paying off. That, combined with the return of warmer weather, is bringing up the first of the spring flowers. It’s going to be a good season for brittlebush, the rounded pincushion-like shrubs that populate the desert and highway shoulders. The ones here are shooting up blossom stems and bright yellow buds are beginning to open. We also saw a few purple phacelias, some lupine and lots of ground-hugging mojave desert stars.

Water well (& storage tank) for wildlife

Organ pipe cactus & visitors


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