Happy Hour at Kofa — Bill & Sharon

The winter here at Kofa is screaming by! Many Chapter 44 folks have stopped by to say hello, usually on their way to elsewhere.

Just yesterday, Pam and Gary from Nova Scotia dropped by for a brief visit before resuming their trip to elswhere in the desert southwest. I don’t even know where “Elsewhere” is from Yuma! They have played their way across the country to join us at the Mesa Rally which they’ll be co-hosting.

One day last week there were a number of others who were heading to Elsewhere, so it was a good excuse for a happy hour. This week the only ones in the photo who have not left for Elsewhere are Gerald and Arlene and Sharon and I!

We just must find time in our busy schedules here at Kofa, to take a trip to Elsewhere, as it seems to be a very popular spot. The next Quartzsite perhaps!

We hope you are all enjoying decent health and good times, even if you can’t go to Elsewhere this year!

Life is good!


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