Jojoba Hills — Gloria & Dave

We have been in Jojoba Hills since after Christmas and are here until Feb 13th. We are really liking it. There is so much to do and not as much energy to do it all. We go to yoga class three times a week and it’s done wonders for our lower backs. The hardest part of doing it is getting there at 8 AM. If we could go in our PJ’s it would be perfect.

Dave also goes once a week to a music jam. He just loves it. There is also a musician who gives him a lesson. He finds it invaluable.

We have enjoyed the ice cream socials they have and one day we volunteered to serve. Folks here sure love their ice cream. I enjoy baking and every two weeks four kinds of cookies are made for the volunteers who improve their lots. I have helped with the cookie making and the tasting of the broken cookies. It’s amazing the amount of men that come in the kitchen for a sample.

The weather here is wonderful. The wind can really blow and we’ve had rain but we’re not complaining. Yesterday we had coffee, ice cream and Julian pie with the Doug & Jean and Bill & Brenda.

We went for a hike in the desert the other morning. I don’t know who was more weary afterwards, the dogs or us. Monday we head to San Diego for about 5 days. We are staying at a casino and dry camping. There is a lot to see and do there so we’re looking forward to it. After San Diego we are heading to Yuma. It is a first for us to camp there. We hope to touch base with our chapter friends.


One thought on “Jojoba Hills — Gloria & Dave

  1. When you get to Yuma area look us up. There are several other chapter members in the Yuma Area.
    Hugs Curtis & Verle

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