Desert Dawgs

Mel & Ann have been visiting Gerry & I this week. And they came bearing gifts from our mutual SKP friends, Cal & Nancy. Nothing like a big bag of chocolate-covered blueberries to get everyone smiling. 🙂

Another SKP friend, Betty, also stopped by for a couple of nights. She’s on her way to Jojoba bearing hugs for Jean & Doug.

The weather gets better every day. Gerry and Mel usually walked down to the Plaza each morning for coffee and whatever-it-is-that-guys-talk-about  — they were usually joined by other locals. Who knows what things were plotted sitting in the sun.

The four of us took a hike with the local natural history association on Thursday to the San Antonio Mine. (Terry, you’d probably enjoy this.)

Mel drove us in his Ford. Gerry enjoyed sitting in the passenger seat for a change, even if it wasn’t a Dodge.

The hike was a leisurely one, about 3 miles round trip, 22 of us altogether. Not surprising that Gerry was first to the top. This pile is an interesting combination of silica flux (I have no idea what that it), feldspar (ooo, sparkly) and scrap mica.

The mine, which shows no sign of recent activity, has been there since 1946. This shot was taken looking down on the operation. Our hike brought us to the site via the road to the old house.

The house has definitely seen better days. The only occupants now are woodrats and and other assorted critters. I guess you’d call it a “handy-man special”.

The mine provided thousands of tons of silica flux to the smelter in Ajo. Several pieces of old equipment sit on the site, slowly disappearing into the desert.

Mel & Ann are off tomorrow for a little R&R in a condo near Palm Springs. (Hey, RV life is tough. Ya gotta have a break some times.)

We hope to see Brenda & Bill next week, and Gloria & Dave the week after. Lots of fun to have visitors. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Desert Dawgs

  1. Great travelogue Sally, so many things to see and places to go!

    Sure sounds like you two have very little chance of feeling lonely!

    Hugs; Sharon & Bill

  2. have fun . we are in alberta at olds you should see the snow we are getting edmonton getting hit had to .so enjoy the warm wether down there

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