Mesa Rally — Monday March 12

The rally has officially begun!  The rigs are parked, there’s been hundreds of hugs and lots of laughs. We also had a special surprise — Louise & Harv travelled from Ontario to join us at the rally. What a great visit we’ve having with them.

Louise, Ralph & Harv catch up on each other's travels

Our registration crew got everyone signed in and signed up. One of the great strengths of this chapter is its volunteer spirit. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to bring food for happy hours, teach a craft, hold a seminar, lead a hike, organize events, clean tables, set up coffee, light the campfire, sing songs, recite cowboy poetry, talk about the night stars … you name it, someone volunteered to make it happen.

At the table — Bruce, Ann, Pam and Sue

Many friendships are forged in Chapter 44.

Barb, Marian & Judy

Barb embroidered Marian's slacks - beautiful work.

Mel & Ann have done a lot of work on Chapter 44’s family tree. It’s great fun figuring out who we’re “related” to. Turns out that Kay is Gary’s great-great-grandma.

Gary is Kay's great-great-grandson!

Chapter 44 has a tradition of “adopting” first-time rally-goers to help them feel welcome and a part of our RVing family. We had 6 adoptions today. Bill conducted the adoption of the new folks.

President Bill did the adoptions.

Dottie "adopted" Pat

Co-hosts Sue & Bruce "adopted" Diane & Don

Wilma & Terry "adopted" Jan & Jeremy

Carol & Tom "adopt" Joy & Dan

Bill & Jeanne "adopt" Susie & Dan

Barb & Mike (missing) "adopt" Keith & Ruthann (missing)

The Host Dinner was a real hit — what a feast! Mashed potatoes & gravy, coleslaw, buns and roast chicken. In honour of Arizona’s 100th birthday we sang Happy Birthday to the state, then celebrated with two cakes. Dee-lish.

The chow line

Sue & Pam serve the cake.

Tom O'B lit the first camp fire.

The great weather is bringing out the flowers.

Buckhorn cholla

Desert Marigold


2 thoughts on “Mesa Rally — Monday March 12

  1. What a wonderful way to help us who are not able to be there relive the wonderful joy of the Mesa rally. Thank you.
    p.s. Louise looks much better on tnis site.
    Hugs to all,
    Jean and doug

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