Mesa Rally — Wednesday March 14

This morning a dozen or more brave souls headed off to the Wind Cave. I started out just after 6:30 AM from camp to get a jump on the main group. I was travelling with my camera so I knew that would slow me down. Gerry and the rest left camp about 7.

It was a beautiful morning for a hike — cool, with a slight breeze. I’d left early enough so that I was in the shade all the way up. This was the best Wind Cave hike I’ve had in recent memory. Nobody else on the trail but me :-). I was about two-thirds of the way to the top when Gerry overtook me (no surprise there). And Tom O’B came along not too long after that. But I was the third person to the Cave in our group. A record for me!

Trail Sign

When you find this sign you're almost there!

Gerry & I at the Wind Cave

Jeremy, Mel, Bruce, Terry and Tom

Brian in the Wind Cave

Who knows the name of this Wind Cave plant? It grows right out of the cave walls and the resident bees enjoy its nectar.

Wind Cave chipmunk

View from the Wind Cave. The nearest "bump" on the left is Merkel Mountain. The thin line of white on the right is our group camp.

Lacepod mustard seeds, Wind Cave Trail

Hedgehog cactus — these are just starting to pop out

Hedgehog cactus

I enjoyed the hike so much that I completely forgot that I was supposed to help Brenda with the Picasa/Blog session she was offering at 9 … I returned to camp well after it was over. Ooops. Sorry ’bout that, B. Sounds like it was a good session — 11 people took part.

About 42 rallygoers headed off to the Rock & Roll show at the Arizona Opry about 11:30. By all accounts it was a fabulous show. (If you went to the show and have pics or comments, please send them along and I’ll be happy to post them.)

We stayed home and put our feet up. I had a long hot shower, did a little work on the blog, played a little music and generally vegged out. Gotta love days like that.

Just before happy hour, Prez Bill held an information meeting to bring members up to date on some of the happenings in the chapter. There were reports from the executive and the chairs of the various committees.

Wagonmaster Merle has been on the lookout for hosts for next year. And what a surprise we got. Chapter Directors (and our “kids”) Susie & Denny offered to host the rally along with the VCRs (Volunteer Club Representatives) at the rally. Way to go, gang!

VP & Wagonmaster Merle and Prez Bill

Several card games broke out that evening. Mel did Card Bingo in the upper ramada and the Canuck Salad players took over the lower one. Lots of laughter filled the night air.

Players lined up for Card Bingo

Playing Canadian Salad

Brian had his camera handy when a coyote strolled through camp the other day. They sure don’t seem bothered by all our activity.

Brian caught this coyote wandering past his rig

Do you have any rally pics or thoughts you’d like to pass along? Send them to me in a regular email and I’ll post them for you.


One thought on “Mesa Rally — Wednesday March 14

  1. You keep sending us Blogs on the activities and are succeeding in making Nancy and I jealous however she is getting better all the time and I bet we will be with Y’All next winter.Hugs From sunny Calgary. Don & Nancy Griffin.

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