Mesa Rally 2012 — Friday March 16

All good things come to an end — and so it is with our rally. The last morning is always a hit with the women — the men cook hitchup breakfast for us.

Ooooo-la-la! Carol, Dottie, Judy, Marian, Sharon, Kay, Sheila & Ruthann

Oooo-la-too — Mary Anne, Fay, Susie T, Joy, Ann, Wendy, Pat & Jan

Fancy hats for fancy gals — Joy, Susie T, Fay, Ann, Wendy & Sally (l to r)

All is ready — strawberries & blueberries for the french toast, whipped cream, mini sausages, coffee & juice. Great job guys. At the table — Mike, Denny, Gary and Jerry (from l to r)

And of course breakfast wouldn’t be complete without the Wait Staff.

The maitre'duh

Susie T (in her oh-so-beautiful margarita hat) & Mel

Pam (just too funny for words) & Mel

Mary Anne & Mel

Louise & Mel

Loretta, Mel & Jeanne

Liz & Mel

Diane & Mel

Brenda, Sue & Mel

Barb, Sheila and the most photographed guy at the rally

Cookin' up a storm

Enjoying the service & the food

What fun

The guys finally get to eat — Gerry, Dave, Tony, Bryant & Harv

The chefs du jour

Once breakfast was over we raffled off the leftover food, took down the flags and the tarps, packed up the stove and put everything away til next year. (Special thanks to Kay & Tony who store our stuff at their place in Mesa.) We sang our goodbye songs (sure missed your leadership, Jean) and hugged goodbyes to those who were leaving today.

Quite a few of us are staying over for one or two more days. Seems like we just don’t want to leave. Some enjoyed down time today and did nothing but sit in the shade. Others went shopping or visiting.

This evening we had a potluck of “must-goes” from the fridge. Diane made a fruit crumble in her solar oven, Ruthann & Keith made fruit smoothies in the blender, Gloria and Dave made meatloaf from her mother’s recipe. There were fresh salads from the farmers’ market. And more. We dined well. 🙂

Thanks to our special VCRs (Volunteer Club Representatives) Liz & Roger.

Our rally VCRs Liz & Roger

And our heartfelt thanks to our hosts. You did a wonderful job — the week was full of fun and friendship (and food, of course). One for the memory bank.

Sue & Bruce, Brenda & Bill and Pam & Gary

Safe travels everyone — hope to see you all back here next year!


1 thought on “Mesa Rally 2012 — Friday March 16

  1. Great posts Sally, and a terrific overview of a most successful rally! Thanks for all the wonderful photos.!

    Life is good!

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