Mesa Rally 2012 — Thursday March 15

Another busy day in Rally Land. 🙂 Gerry took us on brisk walk around the desert and we returned to some delicious cinnamon rolls. Wish that happened every day.

Terry brought up a pan of fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon rolls that Wilma made this morning. Yummy!

Barb wanted to learn how to make pull-tab hatbands …

Gerry and Barb

… and before ya know it, she’s showing others how to do it. A natural teacher 🙂

From student to teacher

Jewelry making is always popular. Last year Gary learned how to make earrings from Sheila — so far this winter he’s made over 40 pairs. Way to go!

I'm now the owner of a beautiful pair of Gary Originals.

Sheila taught a new craft this winter — making earrings from paper.

Sheila showed us how to make paper earrings

The computer tech session was very popular. Brenda brought out all her gadgets and the talk went from iPods and iPads to Skype and cell service and more.

Sharing tech tips

Shirley, Ruthann & Fay talk iPads

Don and Judy talk apps

One of the highlights of Brenda’s session was hooking up with Doug & Jean via Skype. Harv & Louise who came to the rally from Ontario were delighted to be able to see Doug on the computer screen. Me too. Ain’t technology amazing.

Brenda and Doug chatting on Skype.

While some folks were talking computers others were down at the lower ramada talking RVs — solar panels, batteries, brakes and whatever else came up.

Gerry's RV session

While it’s fun to learn new things, it’s also good to have time to spend with friends.

Joy & Carol

And of course no Ch 44 rally would be complete without our (in)famous baseball game. Sad to report that the guys whupped us 10 to 4. Next time we get the Lucky Leprechaun.

Look out guys — we won't give you a break next time.

Thursday supper time saw us enjoying Hearty Munchies. So much yummy stuff …

Another great meal - Hearty Munchies

… my favourite part of the meal.

I wanna sit at this table


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